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The team at Riverina Concreting understands importance of projects being completed and delivered on time. We pride ourselves on working within the parameters of large, multifaceted projects, and with multiple stakeholders, to ensure a quality job done right.


In addition to our team’s expertise and experience, part of what makes us reliable are the tools of our trade. At Riverina Concreting, we own and operate all of our industry-based machinery and equipment. Using only the latest in technology, we bring speed and precision to every job site.


As small business owners, we understand the importance of projects coming in not just on time, but also on budget. Riverina Concreting offers competitive pricing for premium services on all of our projects.

about Us

Since 2009, Riverina Concreting Pty Limited has been a family-owned and operated business, and is fully licenced to operate across multiple all areas of the construction and concrete industries. While based on the shores of the Murrumbidgee River, in the growing inland city of Wagga Wagga, the team regularly works on large-scale projects across the state, and even around the country – because they are the best at what they do.

Before launching Riverina Concreting, founder Matt Hewitt had years of trade and construction-based experience to draw upon, when he decided to bring his knowledge and know-how to the concrete industry. Identifying a gap in the market, Matt and his brother Luke decided to focus their combined career expertise on large-scale commercial and industrial construction and concreting projects. Specialising in excavation, footings, levelling, steel fixing, tilt panels, large-scale place and finish – right down to the final trim work – their specialised approach makes them a leader in the industry.

Now over ten years on, and with a growing team of experienced employed tradespeople and employees around them, it is this experience and expertise that the Riverina Concreting team brings to every job – around the Riverina, and beyond.

Our Services

We are quick and work in safe and hassle free environment. Riverina Concreting Pty Ltd offers you quality concrete services for all our clients at affordable price.

Excavation and Earth Works

Every good construction job has to start with a solid foundation, for both quality and safety. At Riverina Concreting, we own and operate all of our excavation equipment. Because we’re not dependent on equipment hire services, we can get the job started quickly, and completed efficiently. Among our suite of excavation equipment is CAT 259D, a compact and tough front-end loader.  


All Riverina Concreting jobs also include the on-site surveying work as part of our premium approach and ‘wrap around’ services to all of our construction projects and concreting work.  By synching our equipment with the latest in Trimble® instruments and levelling technology, it ensures our concrete work is always aligned to the correct specifications.


The Trimble three-dimensional capability for planning means that formwork and tilt panels are never a problem. Trimble’s multi-track technology also allows for superior grade control with both passive control measurements and active levelling to targets, all with millimetre precision.


Riverina Concreting are large-scale concreting experts. This team is not afraid to tackle the big jobs. Our Somero Advanced Laser Screed®uses the latest in levelling technology, and is perfect for work on large-scale surfaces.  At Riverina Concreting, our work ethic, experience and technology combine to give you the best quality work in the expected amount of time. Whether it’s high end construction projects, or industrial showrooms, sheds, and buildings, trust the leaders in high quality, large-scale concrete jobs.

Areas Where We Offer Our Services

We are hardworking and honest and want to be the customer’s first choice. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you. We offer a wide range of modern designs and styles to enhance the look of your home. We can customise a quotation to best suit your needs and brief.







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